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We all know that good customer service is crucial in any business. Solving problems and offering solutions in an expedient manner is essential to providing quality customer service. At Serigraf, customer care starts from the moment you enter our door. Providing great customer service is our top priority. We offer free remote support services over the phone, where we will remotely take control of your device and try to resolve the issues you are experiencing.


If you are having problems installing or setting up your new printer, we can remotely access your PC and install or fix any issues. Remote support or online technical support works with the help of remote desktop connection which enables our technician to access your computer from a remote location. The technician then helps you through basic troubleshooting techniques. Generally, the problem gets resolved within a short period of time. We endeavour to get your equipment back up and running behind the magic curtain!



We place huge importance on providing excellent customer service training. This requires investment in our employees, training and processes to maintain high standards. All or technicians and customer service representatives are fully trained on product features, prices, warranties and even the various technical aspects of our entire product portfolio.


For us, customer service goes above and beyond the point of purchase. We can assure you that customer care does not end once you purchase a product from us, we pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service. We appreciate every customer, big and small and value each one equally. We provide the same level of after sales service to each and every customer.


We take the time to listen to concerns, thoughts, queries or questions and respond to all customer feedback. Our aim is to provide a seamless customer service experience through our customer service and after sales support. You can be rest assured that any issues or problems will be resolved quickly and competently.


Remote customer support provides many benefits, such as;

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency – saving you time
  • Cost effective – saving you money
  • Green - remote support helps us reduce our carbon footprint
  • Fast response
  • Less intrusive


Not every job can be handled remotely and there will be times when we will have to go on site to fix the problem. If we have to physically call out to your premises, then there may be a callout charge depending on the location and type of issue. But when you have the choice, working remotely sure makes the task faster, more efficient and are most importantly – free. Submit a request for help through our website. Please note that sessions are not immediate and will be scheduled with the next available slot. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom and hope to service you again soon.



May  17th 2016

Happy Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day and Many More



Happy Earth Day and just about every other special day throughout the year. Are you making the most of marketing obscure holidays? Celebrate every occasion, holiday or anniversary with Sawgrass’ new CreativeStudio Software. This unique and easy to use software allows you to easily tailor designs for just about any occasion.


Sawgrass have developed a new innovative online design software that enables creative entrepreneurs and product designers to quickly and easily create and produce great quality photos tailored to specific occasions. This ingenious new program is called CreativeStudio and is available exclusively as part of the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System


It allows users to produce high quality and engaging transferable imagery within minutes from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

No experience? No problem! The program is distinctive to other graphic software systems, such as Corel Draw, Photoshop and other Adobe graphic applications as Creative Studio is very user friendly and you can learn how to design print-ready imagery within minutes.


It consists of its own stock design library with thousands of premium licensed photos and graphics for you to choose from at no extra cost. It also offers a plethora of product templates right from the catalogues of ChromaLuxe, UniSub and other leading substrate producers that can be adapted to almost any market or function that you can imagine. Furthermore, CreativeStudio allows users to upload and store their designs to a free cloud storage, as well as compose templates for products they use most regularly.


CreativeStudio boasts many advantages to creative entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Novice designers can easily create designs that customers will adore,
  • Makes building high quality custom designs for the most popular substrates quick and easy,
  • Saves time and money by providing its own stock images and graphics library,
  • Enables design creation from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone,
  • Full catalogue of product templates for UniSub, ChromaLuxe, and many more leading substrate manufacturers,
  • Curated library of hundreds of templates and thousands of designs.

There is no doubt that the CreativeStudio software helps you think outside the box, generate creative marketing ideas by celebrating all the quirky holidays around the globe. It allows you to put your own spin on things by designing brilliant, imaginative and ingenious designs. For more information, get in touch with us today:




April  22th 2016

Business in a Box: Drink in the Profits



Did you know you could start a business for €750 ex VAT?

We can provide you with all the equipment, materials and instructions necessary for the production of personalised mugs.

This is the perfect package for the budding entrepreneur, hobbyist, print shop or company.


It allows you to offer a fast turn-around on a product that's always needed.

Business in a Box provides you with the unique opportunity to provide personalised mugs to customers at an affordable price. The package includes:


  • A single mug press
  • A4 sublimation printer
  • Full set of inks
  • Sublimation paper
  • Creative Studio Software


While some traditions may fade, the desire to commemorate special days remains strong, in all cultures.  Souvenirs to mark events, from national occasions to personally important days, such as weddings, graduations or anniversaries, appeal to us all. What better than a personalised ceramic mug, to serve as a gift for a birthday, or work event, even if it’s just a token for fun.


Out of the hundreds of sublimation products on the market today, mugs seem to be some of the most popular time and time again. They are easy to do, yet still allow for full personalisation while keeping costs to a minimum.


Create stunning vibrant ceramic photos or corporate gifts with our mug press. The perfect solution for any shop or production environment


Get in touch today for more information, +353 1 4670354 or email



March 30th 2016

Calender press for sublimation


Meeting professional expectations and in answer to the growing demand in textile printing, Kala proudly introduces the DS-67 high performance, multi-feature Calender Press at a very attractive price. Developed and produced in France and supplied by Serigraf, this Calender Press can be used for both high and low volume productions.


The Kala DS-67 Calender Press is a professional heat transfer system that is fast, affordable and easy to use, making it a perfect finishing partner for the any wide format sublimation printer. This heat transfer machine complete with performing features at this price level, opens exciting opportunities to digital printers interested in launching into the ever-growing textile printing sector. The Kala DS-67 Calender Press also provides versatility and ease of use to experienced textile printers, sign makers and graphics providers looking into updating their machine.


Further advantages to acquiring the KALA DS-67 Calender Press:

  •   Low energy consumption
  •  Requires only minimal maintenance
  •  User friendly
  •  Top of the range safety features including plexi-glass cover guard and two emergency stop buttons
  • Excellent ink penetration throughout the material whilst maintaining colour consistency
  •  Includes both indoor and outdoor applications such as printed Banners, Flags, Display Stands, Printed Interior Decoration, Bespoke Printing for Soft Furnishings, Sportswear, Promotional Items and more.


Contact us today for more information on the fantastic DS-67 Calender Press:



March 2nd 2016

Sublimation Printing


Sublimation printing is the process of applying an image to specially coated metals, ceramics and polyester cloth, using three primary ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure. Sublimation printing is a versatile, digital printing technique that presents an infinite number of opportunities to consumers of printed products.


Sublimation can only work on apparel made of polyester or on hard items that have a special coating of polyester to combine with sublimation inks. It is a prerequisite that you purchase these sublimation blanks such as cups, slate, clocks, plaques, badges and so on with the special coating already on them. We offer an extensive range of these sublimation blanks.

Heat sensitive inks are used in this process that turn in to a gas or vapor under the influence of heat and fuse with the polyester treated objects. Sublimation ink is distinctive in its capability to change directly from a solid to a gas or vapor. The ink does not undergo a liquid state which is crucial to this process. As the ink becomes a part of the architecture of the item or garment, the printed image or design will not fade, crack or discolour even after numerous washes. The durability of the printed item is less vulnerable to fading or distortion over time as it does not have any texture or weight.


Your design is first printed on to a special transfer paper that absorbs the ink quickly. Printing is only the initial phase in the dye sublimation process. In order for sublimation to occur, you need to add heat and pressure. The transfer is introduced by heat and bound by pressure using a heat press. This process is a lot cleaner as the ink goes from a solid to gas and back to a solid again.


We provide all the equipment needed for sublimation printing from printers, heat presses to ink, transfer paper and sublimation blanks. Get in touch today to see how we can help you. Call us on: +353 1 4670354 or email us:


February 18th 2016

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