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Kala DS-67 calender is a professional heat transfer system that is fast, affordable and easy to use, making it a perfect finishing partner for the any wide format sublimation printer.


To meet the expectations of the growing textile printing market, KALA has developed its calender DS67 with unexpected specifications at a very attractive price.  Being versatile, this calender can handle short as well as long runs under intensive use.


The KALA DS67 offers an excellent penetration of the ink through and across the whole of the material whilst maintaining a consistency of colour throughout the whole process. Its’ high performance and features and reasonable price point make it a very attractive solution for the enterprising signmaker and graphics provider.


Applications for both indoor and outdoor including printed Banners, Flags, Display Stands, Printed Interior Decoration, Bespoke Printing for Soft Furnishings, Sportswear & Promotional Items


kala  sublimation calender press




    Built to meet the production demands of the busiest textile printing business and designed for ultimate ease of use, the Kala DS-67 will appeal to both seasoned professionals and companies new to the dye sublimation process.


    Superior results every time

    Using its precision roller feed system and infra-red heat source, the Kala DS-67 transfers dye sublimation prints from paper onto polyester-based materials, delivering superior results every time.  With average production speeds of 50 m²/hr and the option of an cut piece table, the Kala DS-67 has the versatility to manage large rolls and small pre-cut fabrics. Making it the ideal finishing solution for a wide range of textile print applications including fashion, interior décor, sportswear, sign, display and promotional goods.


    Material handling couldn’t be easier

    Kala DS-67 is simple to use. Its intuitive control panel can be mastered in seconds. Built-in safety features protect the operator from heat and harm at all times. Material loading and unloading couldn’t be easier, or any faster. There is no need to reach for a tool box. Kala DS-67 includes six self-locking mandrels for feeding and taking up media. Each quick change mandrel has a material centring system to help you load the calender with speed and accuracy. An ingenious tension bar separates the textile from the transfer paper after sublimation to prevent expensive ‘image ghosting’ errors on the fabric.


    High productivity with low running costs

    Engineered to keep running costs low and productivity high, the Kala DS-67 uses a digitally regulated, infra-red quartz heating element that consumes far less power than the heated oil alternative and reaches optimum transfer temperatures much faster. That means less time waiting and more time working. The heat resistant Nomex® feed belt is Kevlar-reinforced to provide a long service life. Mechanically adjusted, it delivers high transfer quality without requiring any operator intervention or compressed air supply. No oil heater, no air compressor; the Kala DS-67 calender is a cleaner, greener heat transfer solution that will save your business time and money.




                           TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

    Maximum working width 1680 mm (67”)
    Maximum temperature 220°C - 428°F
    Diameter of the heating cylinder 250 mm (10“)
    Heating system Infra Red bulb
    Heating time from room temperature à 200°C 30 mn
    Digital display of temperature Yes
    Driving belt material Nomex® reinforced by a kevlar blade
    Speed / Exposure time
    Exposure time
    40 s 65 m/h - 1.08m/mn / 71 yd/h - 1.18yd/mn
    90 s 17 m/h - 0.29 m/mn / 18 yd/h - 0.30 yd/mn
    Reverse operation Yes
    User protection Safety cover in front of the rollers with safety switch and reset on the control panel
    Exhaust fume extraction 2 extraction pipes diam 50mm (2”) linked to both ends of the machine to vaccuum smoke and vapours produced during sublimation.
    Number of self locking shafts included 6 universal shaft
    3 unwind
    3 rewind
    Maximum material feed roll dimension upperposition 250 mm (10”)
    midfront position 250 mm (10”)
    low front position 250 mm (10”)
    Power 5500 W
    Voltage 230-240V / 50Hz - 60 Hz single phase
    Amperes Max. 28 Amperes
    Dimension of the machine W 208 x D 96 x H 155 cm / W 81” x D 38” x H 61”
    Weight of the Machine 480 kg - (1060 Lbs)
    Dimension of the shipping crate W 218 x D 93 x H 170 cm / W 86” x D 37” x H 66”
    Shipping weight 600 kg - (1322 Lbs)
    RoHS compliant Yes
    CE certifi ed according to Machines Directives (2009) 2006/42/CEE including low tension directive 2006 95 CE norm EN 60204 - 1 (2006) and
    Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004 108 CE according to norm EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61000-6-3. Edition 2007.
    Warranty One year

                           optional piece feeding table

    Optional table for DS 67 calender to work easily with  pre-cut pieces


    Key Benefits

     • Structure in aluminum for easy feeding and transfer of pre-cut textile pieces.

    • Ideal for the production of sportswear with stretchable or non stretchable material.

    • Removable and moving table. The calender can still work as a stand alone unit

       when the table is unattached.

    • Receptacle in the back for processed pre-cut pieces.

    • Designed and made in France


    Feeding of the transfer paper on a roll

    In front of the table, the roll of transfer paper can be load on shaft similar to those used on the calender. One shaft is delivered with the table.


    Tension on the paper is adjustable with the tension adjustment knob.






    Receptacle in the back of the calender for processed pre-cut pieces

    Removable receptacle to install in the back  of the calender for receiving the cut pieces automatically after sublimation. The receptacle is removable and its holders can be folded when not in use to leave a complete free space at the back of the

    machine when working with rolls.







    Connection table - calender

    Table attaches and disconnects very easily to and from the

    calender. The table can be install quickly and precisely thanks to the guides mounted on springs

    which guides the table to the calender for a perfect alignment every time.

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